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    Email I recieved this evening. Now if they could only clean up the over-inflated search tool results even more.


    Dear Overture Advertiser,

    Some of you may utilize the Overture home page ( and View Bids Tool to assess bid amounts for specific search terms. We provide this information because it is Overture's policy to make bid prices transparent to both current and potential advertisers.

    Unfortunately, this open policy has allowed unauthorized, automated scripts ("bots") to access Overture's systems, which has led to some performance issues on the site. For this reason, beginning November 3, 2002, Overture will modify the way advertisers access search term bid information.

    From the Overture home page, advertisers may type in a search term to view the corresponding search results. To access the bidding information for this set of results, advertisers will be able to click on "View Advertiser's Max Bids" in the upper right hand corner of the search results page. A pop-up window will then open, with the search term already populated. To generate the bidding information, advertisers can type a four-character Image Access Code. This security code functionality, which is similar to the one used by advertisers when signing in to the DirecTraffic CenterĀ®, will also be incorporated into the View Bids Tool.

    By requiring manual input of an Image Access Code, Overture's overall site performance will improve while still allowing current and potential advertisers who utilize bid information for legitimate purposes to have access to it.

    Our goal in implementing this change is to help us provide the best possible experience for current and potential advertisers. We feel that this change will benefit the majority of advertisers by increasing Overture's site performance.


    Your Partners at Overture


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    I know part of the reason some of the terms are over-inflated was because the bots were getting out of control. This should help.


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    LOL IdeaLabs sister property to get unindated by software applications seeking to monitize their listings. Wonder if they call these Bots --preditors or Parasites?

    WebMaster Mike

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