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    Credit card disputes
    What's the cutoff for time allowed to bring charge disputes to your credit card company? Fool I am, I had a horrible experience with Miva, lost a few hundred bucks in PPC charges with no conversions, and didn't think to bring it up with my credit card company. A poster in another ABW thread mentioned that he fought and won a removal of Miva charges from his credit card.

    My Miva credit card charges were over a few month period in late 2005 (Oct, Nov, and Dec, I think); am I too late?

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    2005? WAY too late!

    60 or 90 days is usually the cutoff. Ask your CC issuer to be sure, but I've never seen one that allowed disputes past a few months, let alone over a year.

    You can always hope someone class-action sues 'em...

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    Too late. Yeah, I figured.

    Class action could put 'em out of business, perhaps, but I'd probably see a check for $1.04 and the law firm handling the action would make $36 million. I hate the US legal system.

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    Leader is right. 90 days is the usual cutoff date.

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    I believe the time period is 180 days!
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    It is required by law that every credit card statement state the period to dispute a charge. They generally put this in small print on the back of the bill.

    Though it can vary, the typical dispute time is 60 days from the date of the statement that has the disputed charge..

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    It's never too late.

    I had a dispute stemming from From September 2005 with a furniture company and got chace to issue a charge bck in November 2006.

    It depends on your bank when product is involved anyway, not sure about a service.

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    I think it might be too late but as Mike mentioned, it might never be too late and it never hurts to try.

    Miva, we drop them from our ppc strategy. too many fraudsters on there..

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    American Express allows chargebacks for up to 6 months (and they can be easily made online or on the phone), which is one of many reasons I prefer using them.

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