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    Pay Per Install
    Ok, so is there a pay per install scheme that actually has credibility?

    Which one do I use?

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    PPI = garbage on end user compy

    Come over to the ethical side of affiliate marketing and do Cost Per Action.
    Continued Success,

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillionNamesofGod
    Which one do I use?

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    jesus man is everyone sure?

    Surely I can place some adverts in a program, that can generate income?
    Seems to make sense to me.

    If all the current companies are abusing it, it's certainly ruining a good market channel.

    I really don't see why you can't have adsense type ads on the RHS of the application, or a advert on the splash screen, and offer the program for free?

    there must be loads of advertising sponsored applications?

    can anyone shed some light?

    After all opera browser is how they do it, even firefox makes zillions from people searching from firefox from adsense! Ok gmail is not a desktop app,
    but it has ads on the RHS which is why it even exists. That proves you can have a application (ok even web app) with ads on the RHS.

    It looks like an opportunity to me to make some serious money if you do it ethically. Naturally, I'm looking to do it ethically.

    Infact I think if no ethical windows program sponsorship exists, there's clearly a gold mine just waiting here, if you set one up!

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    can anyone shed some light?
    There's money in toolbars/program installs, but what's happening with them is not "good" from a legit business perspective. (For ease of typing, I'm going to call them "toolbars" for the rest of this post, even though some of these programs put no visible toolbar on the computer.)

    1) Sales/commission based bars: These only reroute sales that would already have happened. The "money in it" comes from someone either attaching a commission where there shouldn't have been any, or stealing someone else's commission by overwriting their cookie. (It's that last part that makes ABW very mad. Those stolen commissions are stolen from legit affiliates--US!!)

    2) The AdSense-using toolbars generate oceans of dud curiosity clicks. While this brings the toolbar-operator money, it rips off advertisers who were paying for truly interested traffic. (This same objection applies to Made-for-Adsense webpages and other such click-generating schemes, as well).

    After all opera browser is how they do it, even firefox makes zillions from people searching from firefox from adsense!
    I'll start with Firefox, since I've seen how their search works. You search, then are taken to the Google results ON GOOGLE. This gives the user the choice of either clicking an ad, or a listing from the free results. When an ad is CHOSEN over the free results, the person is likely interested in buying. So, this provides decent value to the advertisers.

    IIRC, the free version of Opera shows AdSense panels, but the way they show it, it's still obviously AdSense and not set up to look like regular search results.

    The above programs, however, are the rarity. And, they're not paying for installs.

    The kind of programs that pay for installs DO NOT usually (if ever) work this way. AdSense/other PPC-using ones pop up a listing of 100% ADS (that either don't say that they're ads, or have the disclaimer in font-size-1 easily-missed type), so even the idly curious content-seekers will be likely to click an ad. That kind of "traffic" is junk--there are hardly any buyers in the clickstream. The bar makes money...but the advertisers get screwed over.

    Also, they can mess with how real pages are seen.

    The affiliate-poaching type of programs can auto-set cookies (cookie theft) to grab commissions, make their ads show on competing sites, and other assorted rotten behavior.

    THEN there is the issue of how this stuff gets installed.
    With useful programs like FireFox, people will go ahead and install it on their own.

    But with DRECK programs, people don't want to install them. They're usually no more than popup-spawners that reside on the people's own computers. Even if they offer some little computer widget, like say, a screensaver, it's not enough to make up for the irritation to users of having ads popping into their faces. Not to mention that some are coded so badly that they cause people's computers to crash, or worse.

    So they have to stick people with the programs--whether the people want 'em, or NOT!

    Enter pay per install.

    Crapware makers say, "we'll pay $0.XX/install" and then just "don't see" how these installs happen. Inventive, but greedy, types think up shysty ways to stick the software onto lots of computers--bundling it with other software (while making it hard to spot in advance), and other tricks. The blighted toolbar companies do their part to make it hard to UNinstall the junk. Nonobvious file names and installation locations are among their tricks. Some even have REinstallers that hide on users' computers, and when an uninstall is attempted, the reinstaller just re-infects the computer with the crap.

    So, those are the main points of what's wrong with pay-per-install apps.

    Also, check out the Parasiteware forum on ABW for some specific examples of blightedness.
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