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    Is this New? More frequent Payments
    I just started actively promoting LS merchants again in December 06. It seemed for a while that LS paid twice once around the 5th and then around the 20th.

    Today I just received my THIRD direct deposit from them this month. Not complaining at all. Just happily surprised that $$ just keeps popping up in my checking account.

    It's a real incentive to get up on this rainy day and make more pages!

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    Once in a while they miss a merchant and run a special batch. Was one of your three payments for just a single merchant? I have an extra one this month (4/13) with just a single merchant.

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    That's it - I have a payment on 4/13 for only one merchant as well.

    Appreciate that they didn't make me wait until the next payment cycle.

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