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    16 - Anyone using them?
    I recently joined MarketDraw and sent a few clicks to an offer there. They're reporting for many of their offers are imported which means they are sent in from the merchant and can be delayed from one to thirty days. Normally I would never use a network thet doesn't have realtime reporting, but I needed an offer I could only get from them at the time. I normally get a high percentage of conversions but it has been a few days now and no statistics for conversions have been sent. I'd likke to continue using them, but I don't want to send 400 or 500 clicks for the offer only to find out a month later that the clicks did not convert at the rate I am accustomed to with other networks. I'm just curious to know if someone else has used this network and if their reporting is fair and accurate when the merchant finally sends in the figures.

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    the price is too lower.

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    Stay Far Away From is one of the worst affiliate networks I have ever worked with. After several months of not receiving my commissions that were due, I started emailing them everyday. Finally, after 3 weeks, I received a response, stating they were getting my money together, and would email me when they sent the check out. So after about 2 more weeks, I received an email stating that my check was on its way... But somehow I never received this check. So I continued calling and emailing and have yet to receive a response to any of it. Absolutely ridiculous company!!!

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