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    Overstock Make Good on Non-Tracking Period
    Overstock posted the make good today for the 4/9-4/12 non-tracking period based on your sales for 3/8-4/5.

    I looked up my Overstock commissions for 3/8-4/5. That is 29 days so I divided that amount by 29 which gives the daily average. I then multiplied that amount by 4 which is the amount that should equal the make good. The amount of the make good that I actually received is 33% less than that so I feel that Overstock hasn't adequately compensated me for the potential non-tracked sales.

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    I talked to the Overstock AM and they suggested that you contact Overstock at with your request to look at the make good.


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    I don't care to identify myself to Overstock. The actual amount involved is very small. It's the way it was calculated that is problematic and could have a significant impact on larger Overstock affiliates.

    Since you've spoken with the AM, it would be nice if you suggest that he post here indicating how the make good was calculated. It needs to be looked into.

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    At least you got something from them.

    Here's my overstock sales for March 2007 Copied and paste directly from sales report. A grand total of $1.85 for 1,435 clicks. Hmmm.. Something just doesn't seem right., Inc. 10,317 1,435 13.91% 1 2 0 0.07% $36.99 $1.85

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