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    Contacting CJ about Spammer?
    Is there a particular method of contacting CJ about a spammer (using a CJ affiliate link) other than their general Contact page form?

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    How in particular are they spamming? Is it someone using affiliate links for one single CJ merchant or several, and is it by email spammage or another method? If it's by email, make sure that merchant's policy disallows email methods of promotion (most merchants do disallow this!). I suppose if the merchant allows it, then links in emails are not necessarily spam unless the emails are unsolicited. But of course they usually are spam if sent by email.

    If you're an affiliate of the particular merchant(s) affected, send an email to both the merchant's Affiliate Manager (with whatever address they've given you) AND send a request to CJ via the contact form. I'm not sure if there's a better way to do this with respect to CJ itself, since I've never reported a spammer to them; if anyone knows please enlighten us.

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    I was able to get one kicked off the network a week or two ago and, for the merchant anyway, we have a "report this publisher" link that goes to CJ Network Quality. So in that regard, it is probably easiest to get the merchant on board first. Of course, if the merchant isn't that receptive or responsive, I'd guess the general contact form would be fine. Maybe just put an "Att: CJ Network Quality?"

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