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    February 18th, 2007
    google pagerank update
    hey guys...
    any rough idea abt the next pagerank update???

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    For most purposes, page rank itself is, I think, less important than getting indexed for the keywords that are important to you.
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    Interesting page rank checker, displays PRs of all the links on a page
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    I believe they had one on the day you started this thread.

    A lot of my sites took a hit down, but the deep linked ones that have links on established sites held up or only dropped one.

    Rank doesn't mean much to many, but there is money to be made if you have it and know how to sell it.

    Getting indexed and keeping current content that users want is better than rank...

    The big "G" looks has been downplaying PR for a while now, it is after all, only one of many things to consider in web development

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