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    Recd this in CJ mall.


    From: US-PINS
    Subject:: Tracking for US-PINS
    Date: 09/14/2002
    Sales are being tracked and we know who gets credit for sales but CJ isn''t showing the amount. I did about 10 emails with support yesterday and finally gave them the login password for them to fix it. I think it''s on their end because we didn''t change anything on our end and for some reason the amount stopped being shown on Wednesday when it was tracking perfectly and we didn''t touch their code. It''s also showing our program as having a zero EPC and we''re last in the network which isn''t correct so we want it fixed ASAP ! As soon as they fix it I will add the proper amount to your account if they don''t do it plus an additional 10%.
    Thanks, Bob Donegan US-PINS

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    January 18th, 2005
    Just FYI:

    Yesterday US-PINS credited all their affiliates 200% for each sale that wasn't credited due the the tracking problem. They also added payment on the shipping as well which is another bonus !

    Who else you know that has done this?

    PS: The problem is the credit card processor is putting the results page in a frame and CJ tracks everything but the amount of the sale. It will be fixed soon.

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    Just another FYI:

    The new transactions have the last four numbers of the origional order number so take this new transaction and half is what the origional sale amount was. Many merchant had $400 orders doubled to $800 just for their trouble!

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    FYI: US-PINS.COM increased the payout to 20% as well!

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