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    Need CJ help and don't know where to turn
    I run a pretty large website -- forum based -- that does pretty good traffic (approx 4 million visits per month). I use a variety of programs to earn money from the site. Between Google Adsense, CafePress, Amazon and two search type links to CJ advertisers I earn about $1,000 a month.

    My niche is one that could generate a good deal of business in my industry (a popular electric guitar model) I know that lots of folks use my site to make buying decisions and there is a lot of buying that goes on from my members.

    Commission Junction looks to me like it would offer perfect opportunities to have a online "store" set up to sell the products of my niche. However, I find that, in general, CJ is not completely intuitive to use. I feel pretty lost when trying to use it.

    Currently, I have a CJ link to a search generated page for items available in my niche on Ebay. And I have one major CJ guitar advertiser link set up on my pages with a search window to search for products with that advertiser. In really good months I can do $500 a month in CJ commissions with just these two links. But most months are about $150 to $200.

    Amazon only brings in about $20 a month and CafePress (selling branded items from the site) brings in about $150 a month. Google Adsense brings in about $600 a month.

    I guess this is "OK" in terms of income, but I'd like to know how to step this up. I've contacted my main CJ advertiser and asked for help but they said they couldn't provide any.

    Are there consultants that can help me do a better job of using these monetization tools like CJ to increase my monthly income? I see websites like mine with whole "stores" set up for people to buy every kind of site-related products. I assume they are using some kind of application or web-service to do this. But I don't even know what to search for or look for.

    Maybe there are packaged applications, or a really good conference that I could go to to learn the ins and outs? There must be some gurus on this stuff somewhere.

    Can the folks here give me some help to get me started in the right direction on this? I'm looking for suggestions of where to turn to, what to look for or even what to call what I'm looking for to do an effective Google search for help.


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    two ways to look at it as i see

    set up a product feed from the music supplier your already working with (a number of ways to do that) and refer out from the forum to a new portion of the site that is product related ...long term this might be best for total saturation and this requires regular updates.

    secondly you might find that your members act better to prescreened products that you have reviewed and provide product pages a special page in the forum where you provide the months hottest item or best value, that over time will build up...and require price updates if you list the price.

    a number of people may be willing to consult even build it for you, but with one post your going to need to leave and email address to contact you

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    Thanks so much for the help. See, I don't know how to set up a product feed or any of this. I run the site on a dedicated server and have maintained it for 8 years, so I know quite a bit of web coding, just not "web services" at all.

    I'll be happy to put my contact info if its not in violation of the rules here. To find my site, you can Google the phrase "telecaster forum" and my site should be number one there.

    Since it's only my second post, I'm not sure of all the protocol here yet. I've read the rules and I don't want to violate the "affiliate URLs or Links" rules.

    I'll be happy to contact any firms that are recommended to see what the routine is.

    Paul Green

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    depending on the software your forum uses, look at using two tools to monetize content:

    1) A-links is a WordPress plugin that allows you to select words and phrases, then make them a link. Use an affiliate link and you will monetize content that way.

    2) is a plugin for Wordpress (and other apps, I am not sure which ones) that turns links posted by members into affiliate links if you are affiliated with that site and if they are a member of

    Take a look at the Fishing site listed in my signature to see both of these programs in action.

    You have what many of us would give our left arm for. Play your cards right and you can monetize it very well.

    Also - is owned by a respected member of this forum who is an affiliate manager.

    Best of luck

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    My site is a Vbulletin Forum (with a Vb CMS front end). Not using Wordpress. But thanks.

    Paul Green

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    You know you can make much more than $1000 with CJ - just find the right way to advertise and you can reach $5000 as well - it's not an impossible task

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