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    No response to Linkshare tickets
    I've submitted the same issue to Linkshare three times and I am not getting any response. I'll call if I have to, but I'd like to see if anybody from LS is here and can help?

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    Last time I emailed Linkshare customer service through their contact form it took 6 days to get a [useless] response. I meant to post about it here but didn't get around to it.

    They are no longer sending that useless autoresponder. I also looked at the email header and it looks like it didn't actually come from Linkshare. It seems as though Linkshare may now be outsourcing customer service. I hope Ranae chooses to respond to this one. You just never know what to expect from Linkshare these days.

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    It might be easier to get a response from Ranae as opposed to their system. If it is something that I can help, do email me

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    PM me your LinkShare username and your question. I will try to answer it. Did you use our support form or did you try to email your question? We are no longer using the contact email. The form online is a better system for our support team to use. You should have received an auto-response with some frequently asked questions.

    LinkShare still has an in-house Affiliate Support team. We are using a new email system for support that helps us track issues so that is probably the reason when you get a response it is showing a non-LinkShare address.


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    Last month when I used the contact form, it did not send an autoresponder with the frequently asked questions like it did the previous time (probably in March) so the system has changed even since the contact form was implemented. The responses are from a Linkshare email address but there are no Linkshare IP addresses in the email header. The IP address listed belongs to Quadrix Solutions.

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