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    Can you change the image size in Make-A-Page
    I have a merchant in the make-a-page section that has very large images.

    Is there a way that I can make them smaller or does the merchant have to do it on their end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by porkchop
    Is there a way that I can make them smaller...
    First of all, are you selecting 'Thumbnail' or is the thumbnail image too small? If not, then do this...

    Now, this is a bit of a hack, but it does work.

    Simply paste the make-a-page code into your favorite text editor. Then, use find and replace with this (without the |):

    find: |border=0 |

    replace with: |border=0 width="YourNumber" height="YourNumber"|

    I've used pipes (this | character) to show the start/end of each string, as it's important to have a space after the 0 in the find string. Do *not* actually include the pipes, take them out before doing the find/replace.

    And of course, replace 'YourNumber' with the numerical value in pixels of the width and height you'd like.

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    Must be FIONASTYLE. I would be interested in this also. The images are so big that they are least for me.

    Seems that an answer was posted while I was making my post. My post is no longer pertinent.

    Solution is too simple. Thanks.
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    Thanks Adambha. I don't have to manully change each image size one by one from now on...

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    I'm glad I could help.

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    Thanks for the idea, Adambha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhia7
    Thanks for the idea, Adambha
    You're welcome!

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    Good Idea, just remember to maintain the ratio so the images aren't being distorted. A 600 x400 image looks very bad at 200x200.

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    Some merchants do not mantain standard thumb sizes and when adjusting images they tend to get skewed. To avoid this one could just set the width, say 100, then all the adjusted images would have width of 100 and length would be adjusted to its ratio.
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