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    I got a long Word document I would like to break down into individual pages to create a "niche encyclopedia" on my content site.

    I could easily do cut and paste, or write a macro, however most of the work would be saving the pages and linking them together.

    Anyone familiar with software that can do this? I guess what I want is a program where I can highligh a section, drop it into another window, - and then the program automatically takes care of titles, meta, saving and interlinking.

    I hardcode my html so I don't know of any such programs. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    2,402 *may* be able to do something like this using Gossamer Threads Links Program. It can be modified so your pages are developed using templates. In those templates, you can place keywords and descriptions in your meta tags. This is just one modification. I use it for easier management of products on some of our sites and with a little modification to the program, you can really get it to do what you want.

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