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    [Resource - Book] You on a Diet
    Available everywhere and Amazon also. This book co-written by Dr. Mehmet C. Oz (from the Oprah show) is the Owner's manual for Waist Management. Inside you'll actually learn how the body "thinks" and reacts to certain items, and you'll learn to make to make dieting automatic and a part of everyday life, thus making it a much easier process and along the way learn some serious tips (IE. eating spicy foods in the AM curb hunger during the day - I sprinkle cayenne pepper on my egg beaters and it works!).
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    One book I liked and did me some good was 'Fit For Life'. It explains how your body is a machine that processes food through chemical reactions and how to optimize that process. Very scientific approach and good common sense. It explains how proper food combinations are important. I eat as much as I want and anything I want. I just make sure I eat the right combinations at the right time. It also gave me more energy and generally made me feel better.

    Sounds like the one you are talking about would be a good addition to the mix. I'll have to go grab a copy of it.

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