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    I fear click-fraud

    My company is contemplating venturing out into the wonderful world of affiliate programs. I work for a well-known shopping comparison site that generates revenue mainly from CPC. So, our payout to affiliates will most likely be through PPC (ie. get users to come to our site and click on one of our merchants, and we pay you $0.25 per click...or something like that).

    We are open to using an affiliate network to execute this program, but are there any out there with sophisticated/reliable tracking systems in place? Ideally, we would like to be able to track not just merchant clickthrus but also if that clickthru led to a sale. The last thing we want through this proposed affiliate program is to see our merchants' conversion rates drop. Also, is there an affiliate network that we can join that tracks for click-fraud as well?

    Are there any solutions out there that matches my needs?

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    As long as the network name starts with Shareasale or AvantLink, you will be fine. The other networks are rife with cheaters and you will indeed be exposed to click fraudsters.

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    if i understand correctly your asking for both sides of the coin under one agreement and I personally don't know of one network that allows both sides of the coin in play at the same time.

    One side is that of your affiliates, simple enough count the clicks and screen for click problem.

    The other side is tracking conversion, but for that you'll need an agreement with the seller and either your pixel or a networks will need to be on the confirmation page to track this. In this case you will be their affiliate..more or less. For this to work you will need to receive reports from any current commissionable relationship and i'm guessing that you have a few networks you work with in addition to "direct to agreements"

    to match all of the affiliate PPC activity i think your going to need to give each click a value, as it comes in. Allowing it to be tracked through your system to any converting sale, and each of your current relationships will need to support the reporting of this value if the click results in traffic to them.

    I think what you would end up with is:
    reports for your relationships as is where you should be tracking conversion being merged to affiliate reports based on PPC payout, which then need to be balanced against your PPC activity.

    Unless your able to make banner ads effective, I think the main participants of such a program will be PPC players pushing up your bidding, fraudsters and newbies, leaving you with branding that covers poor ads, scams and bad that what you want?

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    Sorry if I don't understand the concept. Please clarify.

    You want to pay me pennies for a click that could make you dollars and have it tracked from me, through you, then to the merchant, and you only pay me if it converts. Am I missing anything here?

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    I think you nailed it that is why no affiliate of any scale would do this aside from one that is just going to push up the PPC for obscure terms that never get bid.

    the only advantage for affiliates would be to leverage the products of "direct to agreements" which are likely available elsewhere.

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