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    Have Traffic But No Sales, Why?

    I'm new here.
    Recently I join an affiliate program.
    I use the company's product page ( tooth whitening product )
    I post it in google ads.
    Have traffic, but no sales.

    I already post it for one week. but no sales.
    Anything wrong?

    May I know how to promote so can bring sales?
    Can anyone help? Please guide me.


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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    I thought I had tried that but apparently not. I owe you one.

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    It is just not that easy!!!

    "Easy Income"
    "Make so much money you will "

    PURE B$ - imo

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    I found the best method for Google Adwords would be to use long-tailed keywords instead of more common ones. For example, instead of using "teeth whitening" as a keyword, be very specific like "crest white strips" or the actual name of the product. You'll get less traffic this way, but it will be more focused on the product you are promoting, and you should start to see some sales. It's common that when customers use very common keywords, they aren't quite sure which product to go with, so they are in the "research" mode. Once they determine which one they like, they get more specific with their keywords and then go into the "buying" mode.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Joe,

    Without seeing the page or knowing the program...

    The form your users have to fill out - how many fields?
    Is there a call to action?
    Are you using a white label program?
    Is there anything else on th epage to click on?
    Check your logs and see what terms people are coming to your site for.
    Is it the only page?
    How much traffic are you talking about?


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    I have no idea what is the average conversion rate for this kind of product but how many clicks have you got so far?

    With industries I don't know yet I try to start by paying small until I get an idea of the average CR and only than I try to optimize my bidding.

    Outbidding your competitors in niches you are not familiar with can be costly.

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    I use the company's product page ( tooth whitening product )
    I post it in google ads.
    Have traffic, but no sales.
    Try putting a page on your own site and writing a page of sales spin, with tracking links aiming to the merchant.
    Then send the traffic at your page, so they see your sales pitch before they get to the merchant site.

    If you write well, you will often see better conversions than if you send traffic directly to the merchant. Not always! But often enough for it to be well worth testing.

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    Well otelo2u as has been mentioned there is so much more to it than that.

    First of all... how many clicks are you talking about? If the merchant's typical conversion is 1 in every 100 clicks (that's typical) then maybe you still haven't sent enough to get a sale. It might take 200-300.

    Does your ad make people want to click?

    Is the landing page you are sending them to a good converter for the keywords you're buying?

    Are the keywords you're bidding on "buying" keywords or just "browsing" keywords? The more they relate to buying the better the conversion.

    otelo2u I would recommend that you do some learning. There are lots of good FREE information on the inner workings of affiliate marketing.

    Here's one that Ken Evoy offers for free. The Affiliate Masters Course.

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    When I first looked at the site I thought it said Geno bucks....

    Have to be honest with you otelo2u, I don't thing 1 paragraph of "get rich" text and 4 banners ads are ever going to make you any money.

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