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    Direct Link to Our Own Merchant Coupons
    Here is what I'd like to see added to the "Get a Link/Banner" page (a-links.cfm):

    Under "TOOLS :: GET LINKS AND MERCHANT STATUS REPORT" it would be useful to have a direct link to only our own merchants that have coupon deals (a-dealbuilder.cfm?allmymerchants&current=1)

    And in addition (this is the important part!)...

    I'd also like to see the search box for finding coupons by merchant ID number on the "Get a Link/Banner" page. That search box is on the "a-dealscurrent.cfm" page, however we must wait while ALL the other merchant deals display (most of which we will not use). Since most affiliates only represent a small percentage of the total SAS merchants, it would be helpful to include a direct link to the "deals search box" on our own "Get a Link/Banner" page.

    It's not a gigantic problem of course to have to wait for all the coupons to load (ie, the way it works now) -- it would just make things a bit more efficient, especially for those of us who live in areas where access times are slower.


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    It's not just a problem with page load time. It also forces you to scroll through the entire list looking for your merchants. Not a problem if you're looking for a specific merchant but a real PITA when you're checking to see if there are any deals you may have missed.
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