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    eBay Suspension/Reinstatement info
    I am a new member, brought here by my eBay account being suspended and I don't know why. I have been an Ebay user for many years, and I have bought quite a lot of items, and although Iíve not sold many things I did sell some high dollar items such as street rods and classic cars. All, I might add, with 100% positive feedback, as a seller and buyer.

    Recently my fiance and I increased our listings and began selling more, all with 100% positive feedback. This continued for about a month when suddenly my account was suspended. I still do not know why, I didn't have warings, etc. I can only speculate that it was because we had an estranged family member visiting and allowed him to list some items also. However, I pleaded via email for an explanation of what I did wrong, and how I could fix it. Getting no response I sent an overnight letter as well. After a day or so I got one email saying that my suspension for ďabusing EbayĒ was permanent, and that they would not respond to any further communication. I did try multiple more emails.

    What do I do to learn what I did wrong, and how do I go about fixing it and getting reinstated, and how do I get to deal with a person who will resp[ond, etc? I sure hope someone can direct me on this, I am quite frustrated.
    Thanks for helping!

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    This is a forum about affiliate marketing, not a customer service forum for eBay. I would suggest that you contact eBay. Thread closed.
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