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    April 11th, 2007
    Thumbs up -Error 400: bad site code
    I am using an inhouse overstock ftp datafeed in Webmerge

    I have replaced the [SITE.CODE] with my linkshare id
    have the right SKU code afixed
    but get Error 400: bad site code

    h ttp://

    any help would be gratefully received.
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    I have no help but I have the same problem. I was told it was because my account was deactivated. I went in last night and reactivated it but I have yet to see any improvement. Me links still no workie !
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    Try PMing the AM cos I think they have a forum here.

    I am looking at the code on that page and i follow the instructions step by step. replaced it with my aff site code but i bounce to the main page.

    http ://[site.code]&offerid=52439&bnid=889&subid=0&OSSKU=1587257
    this link should have brought me to the "Movado Mid-size Sport Edition Grey Denim Watch".

    Sorry I can't help. I used to know the AM over there but I think they changed a few AM since then.

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    April 11th, 2007
    well all seems ok to me at linkshare and I have created another link to another merchants site and it works...
    so its not my acct. deactive...?

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    April 11th, 2007
    they email me and stated the OID was wrong...
    I obtain that from their site (it was outdated ?)
    anyway if you use the above code without making any mods,it NOW works ...

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