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    what do you think ? is this will influence our business ?

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    The key is a simple, uniform code. I have no problem collecting taxed but if I have to calculate taxes for every zip code in Iowa and send a $14.37 check ... that is going to cause problems.

    They do indicate in most of these discussions that they NEED to get internet industry buyoff on any code they put in place. So at least we will have a say ... which should be fine.


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    This is not a new plan. I live in a state that started all this nonsense several years ago with a handful of other states. They have a long way to go yet to make this a reality.

    I've also though the arguement by the National retailors about Internet businesses having an advantage over brick and motar is ridiculous. Yes, you don't have to charge sales tax if shipping to another state, but then B&M's don't have to charge shipping do they?

    Also what about the whole catalog and mail order business? They fall under the same current sales tax guidelines as the Internet. And they've been around a whole lot longer than e-tailers. I see a bunch of greedy politicians looking for more money to put in their pockets. But if they impose this on e-tailers, then they better do it to the mail order industry also!

    I can tell you from a small business owner perspective, that doing the necessary paperwork just for my state is a nightmare. Even though I make very few sales in state (intentionally I might add because of the sales tax reporting). But even if I make no sales in state during a month, I still have to send them the reports. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] It's a headache and complex. I don't even bother with the Parish. I've never once sold a product in the Parish I live, but supposedly I should be sending in reports. And until someone puts my feet to the fire I won't. If this thing were ever to become mandatory, it could well put people like me out of business. Not because of the increase cost to consumers (which probably would have some impact), but the cost associated with reporting.

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