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    Got rejected to some of link share merchants
    Hi there,
    I get alot of time rejected to link share merchant, they site my site is not good enough, but how do they decided that? I'm intersting to sign up with Gamestop and some others because link share has some good merchants, I got approved to only some of them but the ones I want reject me over and over. any suggestion for me?


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    There are numerous reasons you might be rejected.
    I would suggest emailing the merchant or calling them up.

    All the best

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    When you send those emails, it may help if you can identify and address the reason you think they might have said no.
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    If they are reluctant to work with you to begin with, for whatever reason or lack of reason, then they are not worth bothering with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidh
    If they are reluctant to work with you to begin with, for whatever reason or lack of reason, then they are not worth bothering with.
    Not necessarily true at all, especially if the program is being managed by Linkshare (as affiliate manager and network). I have been rejected twice over the years and the standard reason provided was totally not valid for my website. I re-applied under a different login for the same site and was accepted both times. As we all know, clueless affiliate managers continue to do stupid things. Pursuing a rejection in some cases can result in an acceptance.

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