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    The "LighterLife" Diet
    Hi, just thought I would share this diet with you, although i'm not sure its available in the US.

    Its called Lighterlife, and the idea of the program is that you do not eat normal food but foodpacks. The foodpacks are not seen as food but a source of nutrician only and in addition to the foodpacks you need to drink a minimum of 4 litres of water a day.

    its hard work, but i'm half way through the program, I started the program beginning of february this year, and i've lost 30lbs so far, i've nearly finished the first section of the program and its going well so far, but i've still got a bit to go, as I am still 181.5lbs and at 5' 1/2" i'm still a bit podgy.

    I'll ask at my next meeting if there is a lighterlife counsellor in the US or a similar diet. but i've included the website for those that want to have a read.

    [link removed]
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