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    Looooooong Response and setup time?
    I have been in contact with GoldenCan for a few weeks now and have had a hard time reaching them. The number provided in the e-mail signature goes to a voice mail service where the recording says that the box number is invalid. This happens 9/10 times I try to call them. I have been " in que" to go live while my datafeed is under review for two weeks now. For other merchants that use this service - are these wait times and non-availability the norm? I had heard nothing but good things about GC but now trying to give them business and am having nothing but problems I hope everything smooths out but if it took me this long to respond to my customers I would shortly be out of business.

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    When you contacted GoldenCAN, your program was not even ready at SAS.
    We have been in communication with you and working with you to try and bring your program onto GoldenCAN ASAP. You have to understand that sometimes it can take longer than normal for us to go through the procedure while we get the datafeed of a certain program from the network. The datafeed has to be imported into our sytem, verified and validated before we can decide if we can bring it onto GoldenCAN or not. A datafeed has to meet a certain criteria before we can make a final descision.

    I saw that you called 2 times today. Due to a meeting, we were unable to answer the phone. You did not leave any message. You do not have to dial any mailbox number to leave a message. I don't remember missing any call from you in the past.

    We still have not received your datafeed from SAS. We are trying to work with SAS to find out why we have not received the file yet. I will email you as soon as we have an update on your datafeed.

    Thank you,
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    I am sorry if i came off as rude but that was not the intent. i was just trying to gauge from the experiences of other merchants what the typical turnaround time is . This in no way means I do not want to use your service. I was more interested in other merchants timelines to know what kind of forecasting was necessary. i have never opened an affiliate program before and am perhaps a little anxious to get things up and running.

    As for the voicemail issue when the phone is not answered - and it has been a few times - the recording says (paraphrasing) "....please enter the local number of the person whose mailbox you want to leave a message for " if I type in the number provided in the e-mail signature it says that it is not a valid mailbox number. please check on this as i hope this is not a problem anyone else is having.

    I look forward to being a successful partner - just chomping at the bit to get started.

    If the problem is with SAS please let me know and i will bug them about it instead of you.

    OK just to let everyone know it looks like the issue was with the SAS datafeed system and not the GoldenCAn program - my apologies.

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