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    Andy Griffith sues Andy Griffith
    I've been kicking this issue around in the back of my head the whole day...a guy running for sheriff legally changed his name to Andy Griffith to ride on the "brand" awareness built by the "Andy Griffith Show."

    Judge said that the candidate was in the clear, because it was non-commercial activity. He was running for office, not endorsing commerce. However, the campaign did pay tribute to the fictional Griffith:

    excerpt from Chicago Trib story:
    "During the campaign, Griffith played up his name by comparing himself to the television sheriff who dispensed heartfelt wisdom in fictional Mayberry. Denouncing law enforcement practices such as speed traps, he declared: "They never did unethical stuff like that in Mayberry!" "

    Interested in hearing what y'all think:
    MSNBC article
    Chicago Tribune
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    "He was running for office, not endorsing commerce."

    Isn't it a paid office?

    BTW, vote for me, Col. Sanders. I promise to do little more than ring a bell in your subconscious when you hit the polls...
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    Is Andy Griffith represented by Ben Matlock?

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    Where does Opie come into play?

    Aw paw, I can be campaign manager
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    I was going to change me name to George Bush to run for...DOH!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AffiliateHound
    Is Andy Griffith represented by Ben Matlock?
    A Classic!
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    Hopefully this isn't too off-topic, but in Danville, Indiana (about a 45 minute drive from here) there is a restaurant on the square, called "Mayberry Cafe". There is an old, but in good shape, Andy Griffith model police car that sits in front of it 24/7. Inside, there are pictures of the show and cast everywhere. A number of TVs play tapes of the Andy Griffith show all day and practically everything on the menu has a Mayberry related name (such as an Opie burger). Oh yeah, and the decor of course is all done in 1960s style.

    I assume the owners have permission from the copyright holders to do all this, as surely word would have gotten back to the copyright holders one way or another. Anyway, the food is good and it is certainly an interesting place to eat.
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