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    January 18th, 2005
    Kicked out by Gurneys
    Gurneys is kicking people out who haven't made a set minimum of sales. Another clueless merchant.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I just got that too. Affiliates who are not active in their program must be costing them too much money
    One way to insure that an affiliate never gets active with you is to remove them for no reason, but Performics doesn't have time to explain this to their clients nor do they appear to have the desire.

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    Breck's is doing the same thing - email notifications are identical.

    A while back - I don't remember when - BYOL for both companies dissappeared and I switched all my links for both companies from PFX to CJ

    They don't care how well I did with them in the past, it's what have you done for me lately, and just with this network.

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    Gardens Alive has booted me as of today. Looks like spring cleaning and we are dispensible.
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    January 18th, 2005
    Can someone from Performics tell us how removing affiliates makes things better for anyone? Do inactive affiliates skew the stats? Cost money?
    I just don't get it.

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    Garden merchants kicking out affiliates in Spring. Don't know, I've always thought things tend to grow better in the Spring than the Winter.

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    There are many reasons clients reduce the number of affiliates... Control, profitability, and in some cases, budgetary. Our goal is for clients to run the best programs. There are instances where some decisions made regarding the affiliate channel do not line up with our preferred approach. We do our best to explain that to clients and point out implications, but it is ultimately up to our clients to make the final call.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    Thank you,

    Jamie Ross
    Manager, Affiliate Customer Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trust
    Garden merchants kicking out affiliates in Spring. Don't know, I've always thought things tend to grow better in the Spring than the Winter.
    Yeah, looks like they only want miracle workers who can get people to buy when the ground is frozen.

    That said, for obvious reasons, I'm not exactly crying over this latest round of stupidity.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    You can sign up with all these merchants at CJ - if you want to.

    I stopped promoting all of the gardening merchants at Performics (Gurneys, Springhill, I can't remember the others) over 2 years ago, when they stopped allowing individual product links. They all have the sampe Affiliate Mgr, who told me that when they upgraded their sites, they were not compatible with the option to make your own links. I decided at that time that I was not a high priority on their list.

    They don't promptly upgrade their product links at CJ, so they are truly a pain to work with.

    Jackson and Perkins is a different matter, they keep sending me their data feed in hopes of being included on my site, but with 0-return day cookie, they will be waiting a long time.

    I have noticed a bunch of other Performics merchants that no longer allow Individual Product Links - I Hope that this is not some implicit strategy suggested by Performics.

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