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    January 10th, 2006
    Lightbulb Sight Mighty
    Is anyone out there using sight mighty. What was your experience?

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    never heard of it.
    Eathan Mertz

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    I got an email about it the other day. It looks like a product offshoot of one of the CPA networks I joined a while back.

    Pretty much looks like a pre-built website loaded with affiliate programs from this CPA network. I don't see much use for it, but if you're not into building sites then it could be ok.

    Personally I'd go to one of the freelance sites and just pay someone one time for a site to be built. That's going to eliminate any dupe content concerns this raises and would be cheaper in the end.

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    Reading the above posts, I got curious, so I G'd the name and found it to be "Site" mighty (figures).

    On their home page, they list three "affiliate channels" you can build your site with. Prominately on top is CJ, then a fairly well-known credit network, and last, a CPA network I never heard of.

    So, I clicked on "Take the Tour" and guess what? CJ is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Only the other two are available to "build your site" around.

    I think knight01 had it about right, but maybe gave them more of the benefit of the doubt then they deserve with this deceptive info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eathan
    never heard of it.
    Yeah me too...
    Anyway, I'm not interested using it...

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