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    You all hear about people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars up to millions but does anyone here know anyone who actually makes that kind of money out of adsense or is it just another sales tool. The amount of money I have spent and hours and hours of reading trying this and trying that when someone says they make hundreds of thousands with this and that yet even if you follow them step by step without deviation it never seems to work. Is it actually possible to make big sums or I have just not found that right formula.

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    Hi Diglet-
    Yes, I know firsthand it's possible to make 6 figures with adsense. Jobs, Education and Dating are big payers that I know of. The key is that you need a sizable amount of traffic to make sizable money. If the ads that are showing up on your pages seem relevant to your copy, then it's probably just a matter of traffic.


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    I know the guys make a ton with adsense. Check this out:
    Jason Rosenbaum
    Affiliate Manager

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