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    Altrec's new and improved datafeed is coming!!
    Hey All,

    I wanted to get out this information on behalf of Greg T and the Altrec Affiliate program. Greg has been working hard to update and improve their feed. We're going to be live with this sucker in a week or so.. just wanted to give everyone a heads up. This is the email that Greg just sent out to his opt list at AvantLink (please note: the old datafeed will not go away):


    Avantlink Partner:

    Over the last month, we overhauled our datafeed - completely.

    We looked at our overall navigation, category structure, and number of link opportunities and identified ways to improve each Ė this new feed will out-perform the old hands down.

    We added a number of new fields to give you more to work with:
    • OnSale products field
    • Brand Logo image for each product
    • Brand url
    • Department url
    • Department Sale url
    • Gear Reviews
    • Product Video link

    We have isolated three main Category levels for improved navigation:

    Shop: Menís Clothing, Womenís Clothing, Kidís Clothing, Footwear, Camp & Hike, Travel, Climb, Running, Cycle, Ski, Snowboard, Beach, Paddle, Wakeboarding, Outlet

    Department: Examples - Menís Jackets, Womenís Shorts, Shoes, Backpacks, etc.

    Category: Examples - Menís Fleece Jackets, Womenís Board Shorts, Running Shoes, Hydration Packs, etc.

    The change in Category structure will reduce clicks and increase conversion. Simply put, your customers will find what they are looking for faster.

    The implementation of the feed is in motion and we plan to have it available on Wednesday 5/16. I will follow up as we get closer to that date. Rest assured, you will still have access to the old feed Ė we will run both concurrently. While I urge you to look into and ultimately implement this new feed, the choice is yours.

    The optimization of our datafeed could not have been achieved without the help of a certain affiliate and Avantlink. Both have provided feedback, insights, ideas and ultimately time to see this through. To take a sneak peak, send me and email (gregt(at) and I will send you the feed fields.

    More to come Ė have a great weekend.

    Greg Toledo Outdoors
    541.316.2400 x146


    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Gary M

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    New Datafeed Launching Tomorrow
    Hey All,
    To follow up Gary's post from last week - we are on schedule for tomorrow's launch. Log in to Avantlink tomorrow and you will have access to the new feed.

    Reminder: You will still have access to the old feed. While I encourage affiliates to use the new feed, its really up to you.

    Again, a huge thanks to Avantlink and our affiliates. Both have helped me through this process enormously.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact me at any time.

    Greg Outdoors
    gregt at

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    Link adjustments to the feed
    The new feed that launched this morning had a number of links that were not converted to affiliate tracking links.

    We found the problem and are fixing it as we speak. The feed should be updated with affiliate tracking links shortly. I will chime in here when we are all set.

    Any questions, let me know.

    Thanks for your patience!
    greg at
    541.316.2400 x146

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