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    Exclamation my request payment process!
    for commission of March.
    the first time:
    April 20,they said,
    you need sent a W8 form to us.

    the second time:
    May 1,they said,
    check was cut and waiting signture.

    the third time:
    May,10,they said,
    I am looking over your traffic are being terminated for fraud
    I won't report you if you go away and just accept the fact that you are a scammer
    do you know who is scammer?
    guess,which company is this?

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    how funny dialogs:
    Session Start (affiliate:manager A): Tue May 01 00:44:27 2007
    [00:44] affiliate: hey manager A
    [00:45] manager A: hey there I jus tgot int ot the office and will check on that for u right now
    [00:46] affiliate: thanks
    [00:48] manager A: checking it right now
    [00:48] affiliate: cool.
    [00:50] manager A: check was cut and waiting for signature today
    [00:50] manager A: U were talking with manager B on Friday right ?
    [00:50] affiliate: yes.
    [00:51] affiliate: plz sent it via express.
    [00:51] manager A: Ok she is on it - I'll follow it thru today
    [00:52] affiliate: that great ,thanks very much.
    [00:55] affiliate: bye manager A.
    Session Close (manager A): Tue May 01 00:56:18 2007

    Session Start (affiliate:manager B): Fri May 11 01:19:53 2007
    [01:20] affiliate: hello
    [01:20] affiliate: there?
    [01:22] manager B: hi
    [01:23] affiliate: could you help me check my cheque
    [01:23] manager B: cd9999
    [01:23] manager B: correct?
    [01:23] affiliate: yeah
    [01:23] manager B: yes, one sec.........
    [01:29] affiliate: how about it ?
    [01:29] manager B: one sec...............
    [01:29] manager B: you will need to wait a few min
    [01:30] manager B: my supervisor is still on the phone
    [01:30] affiliate: ok
    [01:30] manager B: I will get an answer for you as soon as she is off
    [01:30] manager B: thanks
    [01:32] affiliate: manager A said check was cut and waiting for signture at May 1st.
    [01:32] manager B: she is looking over your traffic
    [01:32] manager B: one sec............
    [01:52] affiliate: is it ok?
    [01:56] affiliate: there?
    [02:04] affiliate: there?
    [02:06] affiliate: one sec?
    [02:16] manager B: I was away from my desk....sorry
    [02:16] manager B: let me see where she is at with it
    [02:17] affiliate: very good
    [02:23] manager B: hi
    [02:23] affiliate: hi
    [02:24] manager B: you need to talk to manager A to justify your traffic because as of right now, you are being terminated for fraud
    [02:24] manager B: all leads were generated off of dedicated hosting companies
    [02:24] manager B: which is not a reflection of consumers
    [02:24] manager B: and their connection
    [02:24] affiliate: what do you means?
    [02:26] affiliate: :-(
    [02:27] affiliate: manager A said check was cut and waiting signture,but now you .....
    [02:28] manager B: it was and it was just voided
    [02:28] manager B: that is why it was waiting for signature
    [02:28] manager B: for review
    [02:28] manager B: and we reviewed it and the bad news is that your traffic is fraudulent
    [02:29] affiliate: the period is March.
    [02:29] affiliate: i think you have got payment from advertiser.
    [02:32] manager B: no and there is no way for you to know that
    [02:32] manager B: sorry, we cannot accept fraudulent traffic on our network
    [02:32] affiliate: my god
    [02:32] affiliate: what proof?
    [02:33] affiliate: how do you know that is fraud traffic?
    [02:33] manager B: proof is what I just have repeat IP lead generation and they are coming from dedicated hosting servers
    [02:34] affiliate: you know,my site is incentive site
    [02:34] manager B: yes and that does not mean that consumers come from business hosting
    [02:34] affiliate: and my script ,repeat IP is impossible.
    [02:34] manager B: ok, well, guess is
    [02:35] manager B: IP addresses that leads came from were repeated from campaign to campaign
    [02:35] manager B: and they came from business host
    [02:35] affiliate: that is impossible.
    [02:35] manager B: you need to contact manager A if you can prove that your traffic is legitimate
    [02:35] manager B: but I cannot waste anymore time on this
    [02:36] manager B: do you have an affiliate account with another company that I can talk to?
    [02:36] manager B: that has paid you?
    [02:36] affiliate: yes
    [02:36] affiliate: i have god paid from others network.
    [02:37] manager B: ok, from who and who can I verify with?
    [02:37] affiliate: XXX company
    [02:38] manager B: ok, I will call them now...who is your affiliate manager?
    [02:38] affiliate: do you know them ?
    [02:38] manager B: of course
    [02:39] manager B: was just about to call them for something out
    [02:39] manager B: else
    [02:39] manager B: so, I will talk to them for both things
    [02:39] manager B: go ahead, who is your affiliate manager?
    [02:39] affiliate: you dont need know that.
    [02:40] manager B: umm, then I cannot verify
    [02:40] manager B: so, never mind
    [02:40] manager B: either give me the tools
    [02:40] affiliate: i can give you payment info from XXX company
    [02:40] manager B: no, that is not how I verify
    [02:40] manager B: sorry
    [02:41] affiliate: i think you scam me.
    [02:41] manager B: I think you scam me
    [02:41] manager B: you have choices
    [02:42] manager B: you can tell me...and I can verify...or not
    [02:42] manager B: Otherwise, I will report you on our tracking software
    [02:42] manager B: and all the networks out there will know
    [02:43] manager B: that is what we do with fraudulent affiliates
    [02:43] affiliate: LOL
    [02:44] affiliate: i wll tell this to all affiliates.
    [02:44] affiliate: your network is super scam.
    [02:44] affiliate: LOL
    [02:44] manager B: ok, I have proof
    [02:45] manager B: I won't report you if you go away and just accept the fact that you are a scammer
    [02:45] affiliate: i am honest not a scammer:-(
    [02:46] affiliate: i am honest and never scam
    [02:46] manager B: well, like I said, you can prove that you are legitmimate but I have proof right now that your leads generated were fraud
    [02:47] affiliate: i dont ensure all leads is valid,but it is unavoidable for an incent site.
    [02:48] manager B: yes but then you had all fraud
    [02:48] manager B: Should I call XXX company right now and ask them?
    [02:48] affiliate: plz
    [02:50] affiliate: LOL,YOU is SUPER SCAMmer,this news will notice all affliates.
    [02:52] manager B: you just became their affiliate
    [02:52] manager B: I need someone you have been an affiliate with for a while
    [02:53] affiliate: dont scam me
    [02:55] affiliate: i think you dont hope so.
    [02:56] manager B: ok, let me know when you come up with a name of a network that you have been with for a while
    [02:56] manager B: and that has paid you
    [02:56] affiliate: scame me.
    [02:56] affiliate: i dont belive you.
    [02:58] affiliate: i am working with many affiliate networks.
    [02:58] manager B: can you give me a couple so I can verify?
    [02:59] affiliate: LOL
    do you want to know who is it?
    if you know ,dont coop with them for ever.

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