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    Kind Of Interesting......
    Registering a .tv domain via or allows you to use their tools as part of the 24.95 annual registration fee. Their tools, although a bit basic, allow for easily creating your own online 'channel' of sorts, uploading videos, pictures, etc. Kind of like your own myspace/youtube site, only you use your own domain name.

    Here are a couple of sites I have been screwing around with, just for fun...

    They do not have a real clear way to monitize the sites yet, but are working on a shared revenue plan. Anyways, for $24.95/year registration fee, they really are including quite a bit of extra tools.

    They have reserved a lot of good keywords as premium domains, which means you have to pay out the wazoo for them - every year - but the non premiums seem like a deal to me.
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    They do seem like a pretty good deal.
    I'd heard about but never actually checked it out. Thanks for the info

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