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    Linkshare Reporting - Any Advice Appreciated
    Hi everyone,

    I received the following inquiry from someone who read an article I had written on affiliate marketing success stories:

    "Linkshare payment reporting does not specify the transaction this
    merchant payment covers. The payment lists a month the transaction
    occurred. How do you get this to reconcile? Linkshare's Signature
    (member id or sub id tracking) program complicates this date based
    reconciliation as opposed to specific transaction clearing or
    reconciling. What do you do to remedy this shortcoming?"

    Can anyone provide some insight. Thanks for your help!

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    Was your inquiry from Ray Thomas? See

    I can't comment on Signature because I've never used it but otherwise, go to SynergyAnalytics and under Commission Analysis, click on the green bar for the month the commission was generated (not paid), then click on the merchant and it will list all transactions that will/have been paid for that month.

    If you feel qualified to write an article on affiliate marketing success stories, I hope you'll start participating here and share your knowledge.

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    May 11th, 2007
    Linkshare Reporting - Any Advice Appreciated
    Hi Snowman,

    Thanks for your feedback! No, the inquiry was not from Ray Thomas. I referred the person who contacted me to this forum and specifically suggested that he read your reply.

    While I have performed much research on affiliate marketing and have learned about successful affiliate marketers, I have not achieved success myself in the field. Until I do, I'm not sure I can contribute too much. Still, I hope to participate on the forum. Thanks for all your help!

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