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    After a long day at work, I'm still searching the net after looking for options. I haven't been to the world wide web consortium in a long time and thought I'd go there and see what information I could find on potential standards to address issues with the parasites. Perhaps even suggest they establish a metatag which would make diversions illegal for web sites that used the metatag. It's a grasp I know......

    I didn't look long and I found an interesting article on p3p and concerns on privacy. I'll provide the link but several things immediately caught my attention.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>A Business Week survey, released in March 2000 found that 82% of those polled were not at comfortable with online activities.......<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>As a result of such concerns about privacy, some consumers in Canada and Australia appear to be staying away from online shopping.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    A Canadian Ipsos-Reid survey found that: 83% of consumers who have not shopped online cited that their reluctance is due to not knowing what was being done with their information and who was watching their surfing habits and 69% of frequent Internet purchasers say they have concerns about handing out personal information like credit card numbers online.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>57% of Australians were more concerned about their privacy on the Internet than any other form of media.

    90% of Australians considered practices, including the monitoring of Internet usage without consent and seeking personal details irrelevant to a transaction, to be an invasion of their privacy.

    There is much more!

    Just as banks put in ATM's to reduce costs and increase profits (which they have done to the point they can now even charge for their use), merchants deploy web sites to reduce brick and morter expenses and reduce overall costs associated with sales. The banks were able to quickly dispell privacy and theft issues and as a
    result, they have bounced back from a very bad financial position not so long ago.

    Now lets look at E-Commerce. We have massive amounts of web sites like mine and others warning people of the pitfalls of spyware and theiftware and you can bet it's not instilling a lot of confidence on the parts of consumers.

    Does it make sense for networks to partner with duper affiliates and theifware applications when all they will do is undermine the long-term viability of their livelihood? Partnering with them by the networks and merchants is only escalating what is obviously a blatantly unfair proposition for affiliates, and a very questionable proposition for merchants. The networks may win in the short term financially but at a cost that will be devastating in the long run (at least that's the way I feel).

    For networks and merchants to partner with companies who do drive by downloads or that become installed on their machines without their knowledge and then do spying as well as diversions of funds is not only unethical, it's not in their best interest and should be intolerable. That is....... If highly profitable web based sales and having consumers confident of their purchases is what the online advertising industry wants.

    To further undermine consumer confidence while consumers attempt to surf and shop "which is what we are doing" will not be a good thing for the long term. Approximately 25% of my visitors are infected with parasites and guess what..... I tell them...... I'm not hiding the blatant abuse and misguided trust that has been forced on me by the networks and many merchants alike.

    I take a poll of visitors opinions concerning my notice to them and how they feel about it. After some time of it running, here are the results which have remained pretty much consistent:

    *) 65% are unaware the software was installed and are uninstalling,
    *) 4% thinks it's just more popup crap.
    *) 15% are glad I told them, were unaware of issues and will uninstall.
    *) 2% learned something new but still weren't going to uninstall.
    *) 7% will be uninstalling for other reasons.
    *) 7% will not be uninstalling.

    Does this look like results from which consumers will walk away with confidence in making future purchases online? The only good / bad news about this is that consumers are gradually becoming more aware of this issue and while it's good consumers are learning to protect themselves against these applications, you can sure bet that it has a negative effect too.

    Once again, I'll plea to the networks to consider this. I'll also plea to merchants to make your programs respectable and take steps against the networks and parasites to start making the online industry safe, secure and ethical so online advertising and sales can flourish like we all want and have in our best interests.

    Take a positive step today to make this industry better. For those of you interested, here is the url

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    Nice posting Happypoon! It looks like me, you read a lot of articles on E-commerce. As a Canadian I know a lot of people here do not shop online because of the issues you reported. So who is doing all the business online? The big brick and mortor stores.The reason is that they are creditable and also they offer their own credit cards.People and not just Canadians still do not have trust in using their credit cards on line. Why some of the banks don't issue credit cards that are used just for online shopping is beyond me.A customer could tranfer what ever amount he whats to cover purchases without risking his complete credit card information. If this card is violated he could cancell it and apply for another online card. In another words customers control the dollar amount that this shopping card is worth. Simple isn't it?
    I also think that affiates have to build their own customer base to give customers some trust that they have some human contact and not just a website somewhere out in cyberspace.
    Just my two-cents.

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    Happypoon we all feel the pain as the advertising industry sucks the life blood out of the Internet. They have no scruples in the Wild Wild West and only seek profits not responsibility for sales.

    You said: "That is....... If highly profitable web based sales and having consumers confident of their purchases is what the online advertising industry wants."

    We can all have a good laugh at that statement. The very last thing the online advertising industry wants is regulations or having to guarantee ROI in Ad campaigns through having to track clicks to sales as part of their fee structure. The affiliate networks have an opportunity to break the mold and stranglehold of the Ad wanks playing the mass eyeball game. They just don't want to take a bath to cleanse themselves of all the parasiteware/spyware and UCE spammers who dilute & polute this sales channel.

    WebMaster Mike

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    interesting reading, thanks all.

    Vicki [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    One more after thought I have on this "new technology" and what the networks will be proposing (which I'm certain will include the use of browser plug in's) is what will happen when consumers have multiple parasites loaded doing diversions.

    Consider: In the past, it's likely that a user who was partnered with Ebates was also partnered with lets say Morpheous. Both of these companies claim to offer cash back discounts and obviously neither of them was displaying a popup to alert users who was tracking the sale.

    Obviously, somebody got ripped off but who? (My guess is morpheous and thats why they were willing to participate and help create the standards).

    Now for the laugh, many of the consumers who "will like" this technology and the offering of rebates as an incentive will sign up for every single one of these applications thinking they will get rebates from all of them from a single purchase..... Have you ever seen a person in the grocery store using a single coupon? Or.... do they always have a fistfull of them.

    Consumers will show proof of purchases and complain and state empathatically that the parasites sales are not tracking, scream scam and who will the parasites point their finger at to blame for non tracking of sales? Thats right, they'll blame the networks - LOL.

    Then the parasites and consumers will be looking at the networks saying their tracking software AINT WORTH A CRAP and will yell like crazy and complian and gosh what a mess is going to be made of this issue.

    Who knows what complaints and class action lawsuits will become in effect when millions of consumers realize this "technology" was misleading to them as well.

    Even if the networks get "some parasites" to play by their "so called standards", you can be assured that there will be many who slip slide away and will go unnoticed causing chaos and reeking havoc on "a so called legitimate game field".

    I see where orders from my sister and myself have not been tracked and thats [bold]on a very small percentage of orders[/bold]! Are the networks confident enough in their tracking to shift focus from affiliates complaining about lack of tracking to having the basic consumer complian about it? This will surely present major problems and I hope that the networks will consider this if they already haven't. Merchants will likely get dragged into this issue as well by default of being the seller. Oh my!

    The crap will not end even with so called "rules of engagement"!

    As far as I'm concerned, parasites by themselves are a significant issue for the networks - add in tracking issues with rebates and surely, thats double trouble for the networks. Since many of these parasites who offer rebates don't have "reporting of rebates earned in place", these issues are just sleeping. It wont be long, the light will be turned on and this issue will become the next hotbed of action for networks and parasites to contend with.

    I urge the networks to consider this very carefully as you may be digging a deeper hole for yourselves than you realize. Merchants would also be smart to isloate themselves from this and put in a blanket clause that will not allow affiliates who provide rebates to be a part of their program. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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