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    How Merchants Get Parasite Free?
    SAS very wisely suggested we remain "parasite FREE" and say so on the merchant listing. After hours of searching ABW, I only have a foggy idea of how to stay parasite free.

    Please help.

    From what I can make out:

    1. I need to make sure never to signup as an advertiser with AdWare companies or ParasiteWare companies.
    a. My concern is how to identify them if they apply as affiliates on SAS? So far it seems many who signup have dead website and/or dead email addresses.
    2. Use technology to block adware or parasiteware from hijacking cookies or links from our site.
    b. I'm extremely technical and built our entire website myself. So I can fully understand any technical description of strategies to stop cookie or link hijack but can't find any on Google or ABW.
    c. All I come up with as an idea is to encrypt the cookie name and affiliate ID that we store to give affiliates credit. Will that help?
    d. What else can we do?

    Please, any reference to a technical discussion of how merchants can prevent parasiteware or get parasite free will be greatly appreciated.


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    -Never do automatic approval.
    -talk to Kellier from AFP
    -do monthly review for traffic
    -Here are some companies to look out for

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    There was a resent discussion about dropping the term parasite free in favor of parasite prohibited.

    AFP will not certify a merchant as parasite free. Kellie will do training engagements.

    And a merchant can be 100% free today and not be the next day.

    Constant checking is needed.


    A merchant with NO parasites can still have sales stolen by the likes of 180/Zango & Vomba, et al
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    Thanks Mack. But that was were I started already. I clicked all the links and it didn't have anything specific about technology to stop parasiteware.

    In fact, on the home page it says it never discusses technologies but only behaviors.

    Please supply some information on specific ways technologywise that merchants can stop parasiteware from harming their site.

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    Note: Further research seems to indicate the most important factor is never to allow parasiteware to become an affiliate. That way, there's no incentive to rewrite the cookie, etc. They won't make any money for it.

    Is that THE way to stop them? If so, how to verify that affiliates who signup under ShareASale aren't really parasiteware in disquise!!!

    Please help. I LOVE my affiliates with heart and soal and need to protect them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by waynewalter to verify that affiliates who signup under ShareASale aren't really parasiteware in disquise...
    There isn't a 100% way to verify any given affiliate at the moment of sign-up. You gotta watch and analyze affiliate behavior in the process (watching closely where their hits come from) and make conclusions.


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    Being on SAS gives you a tremendous head start on being parasite-free. I agree with all of the suggestions except for not using automatic approval. With SAS, automatic approval should be fine.

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    Thanks for the tips guys. It's good to hear SAS does their part. I still need more technical info to see if there's anything else we can do on our end.


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