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    My name is rene and i have launched a newsite
    It's (spam)
    The keywords rate in adsense higher than 2$ that's why i made this site.
    But how can i get more traffic?I wana make more linkexchange but people willnot link to a pr=0 site. Any advice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rene1988
    Any advice?
    Yeah I have some advice. Stop copying eZine articles and thinking you are going to get traffic. I see no real content on your site that is not already on the web somewhere else.

    Your spammy attempt to capitalize on a horrific form of cancer only shows that you don't believe in karma, but at least do some research and put some original content out there.

    You asked.

    I am sure your link will be removed. This is not a free link site.

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