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    October 23rd, 2006
    Newbie FAQ
    Hi everyone!

    Interested in entering the affiliate world, but have some questions before I make the leap. Any help and answers would be awesome.

    1. What makes a good affiliate manager? Someone who's constantly handing out information and updates or someone who just provides the important information and nothing else?

    2. What is the worst thing affilates do to themselves that can cost sales? Is it not being active once they are approved for a program or is it something else?

    3. What's the worst thing that merchants do that can cost affiliates sales?


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    Welcome to the forum dark. the answers to your questions are addressed in many prior threads that you can find archived here. A little research is the first step in aff marketing, and then you can go from there.

    Good luck with your decision. Hope we have you here as a contributing member for a lot of years to come.
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    Welcome Darklyn

    Use the search function at the top of the page.

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    Outsourced Program Manager Rick - Bitcom's Avatar
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    Darklyn use the seach function up top until you have a better understanding of what questions to ask. Everyone here likes folks to do a little work before they will share their insights. Your questions indicate you need to get a basic understanding first.

    I mean that in the kindest way. And welcome to the forum!!!!

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    Hi Darklyn, I'm new too, and have been learning a lot just by reading through this forum!

    Good luck

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