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    yippee cay yay
    I just noticed that we had "auto-approved" a site which uses a spelling variation of the phrase "yippee cay yay" -- and when I checked out the site, I found that it claims to be a social networking site and makes vague promises that users can "make monies" [sic] but without any details.

    Since most sites that make such promises turn out to be toolbars and adware, I've reversed the approval. (The site is also extremely slow-loading and not very professional-looking, but since it claims to be in "beta" phase I wouldn't normally decline for those reasons.) I used the SAS contact form to explain my action and give the affiliate an opportunity to explain further.

    I suggest that other merchants consider carefully whether this affiliate should be accepted.

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    Thanks Mark. This site just applied to be a part of our program and I had the same concerns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markwelch
    ... a site which uses a spelling variation of the phrase "yippee cay yay"
    Sounds like a variation on the traditional cowboy song, "Git Along, Little Dogies."

    According to your description, the webmaster probably had the attitude, "It's your misfortune-- And none of my own..." (Couldn't resist the parallel with a traditional folk song ).

    Mark, it's really good that you checked the site for possible spyware/adware/scamware. Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of others.
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    Thanks for the heads up Mark. They applied to my site. It's Good to know that there are AM's looking out for one another.

    Brent Elias
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    Did you contact Brian/Kellie to look into it? If they are up to no good, they could be getting into other programs right now but if they are, should be getting the boot from the network.

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