Hey all, this is my second post here, and I'm interested to see if you guys can offer some insight or advice.

I have just started an advertising brokerage and am about to reach the point in my business where i have to find my first advertisers. the first publisher that i am working with runs a fashion website mostly dedicated to designer jeans.
I have agreed with the publisher on a certain monthly cost of advertising, and now i want to find advertisers to fill that monthly space i reserved, but on a CPM basis. I'm looking to double or triple the cost of the space.

I was thinking a couple things:
I can run my own links from CJ.com or Linkshare.com or Shareasale.com etc. and hope to recoup my original investment, plus a profit. Or, I would look for other CJ/linkshare/shareasale users to pay for the advertising and have them take the risk. And finally, I was considering emailing many EBAY Stores who sell clothing and accessories, and tell them about the advertising opportunity. (Ebay actually offers a 75% discount of the final value fee if a user buys a product from an external link, ie. an advertisement)

Sorry for the long e-mail, let me know if there are any questions in case I wasn't clear enough.