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    if the parasite issue doesn't get resolved and cuts into the holiday shopping season.

    Gives a new meaning to "incent" pay.

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    As a Wildlife Rehabber, I find this so sad.

    I had the supreme pleasure of rehabbing from a baby, a nutria who could not be released due to leg damage. He was the sweetest baby I have had the pleasure to work with. And you would not believe how intelligent they are!! They are very vocal and very clean. Much like a beaver.

    Diego lived with us for 4 years. He and I visited many area schools and the children loved petting him as much as he did! Diego did much as an ambassador of wildlife by educating local school children on the plight of wildlife. I will never forget the joy he brought to my life.

    It is so sad that man caused the problem and now these wonderful creatures have to pay the price.


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    I agree, Vicki - most people don't realize that we need to act responsibly when it comes to the environment and ecological balance, or helpless creatures wind up suffering because of our blantant disregard for the earth. When I read about the oil tanker that wrecked today, I really wished I had the means to jump on a plane, fly out there and help the poor animals that suffered because of our insistence on using fossil fuel.

    Although I can understand why Louisiana would want to put a bounty on nutria - they are causing a big problem out there - I think the, uh, not-so-little guys are cute! I wish I could have met Diego.

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