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    Adwords Landing Page Question

    I plan to create a landing page for my PPC campaign using AdWords. The goal of the design is to make visitors to click the affiliate link. To achieve that, I like to remove the website navigation and any other elements that might distract the visitors. Is it a good idea?

    I'm asking this because I'm concern about Google Quality Score.

    Thanks for any advise...

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    Absolutely! Remove all distractions. That way the two choices are back or click the link. ...and make it a big stinkin' link too! Maybe also as a button in addition.

    The only thing I would have links to is for supporting "credibility" information. If you think you need a link to something like that, then make it a pop. (target = blank)


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    Thanks, that is exactly my thought, but is there any chance that this will lower the quality score, and increase the CPC of the chosen keywords?

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    My landing pages have all other nav links removed and my cpc is very reasonable...I definitely think that when you pay to get them on that page you don't want them off browsing around, you want em to click on that link and spend some $!

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    Ok, Thanks for info. That remove my doubts in designing my landing pages.

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    i can't tell who here is joking and who's serious... so i'll join in...

    why don't you write a 2 second delayed timer script and have it load the url automatically, without requiring the consumer to click, to really make sure you get credit for the sale?

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    Ya that's the idea Donuts...

    Let's get that visitor to click through even if they don't really want to.

    Ya... and then we'll get them to pull out their credit card..ya..

    Ya... and then maybe they'll buy something they don't really want.. ya that's it...

    And ... then I'll make money... and pretty soon ... Ya I'll be RICH...

    HA, HA , HA!!!!!

    And I can take down this stinkin AdWords ad.

    It's all so easy when you know how.

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