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    May 15th, 2007
    Hello, I have been trying to include an HTML file through my dataset. Using in HTML template<p>[WM-FieldInclude: Inc2] </p> in dataset Code,Name,Party,Address,Phone,Fax,Email,Web,State,Type,Inc2
    "AL01","Sonny Callahan","R","2372 Rayburn HOB","202-225-4931","334-690-2811","","","Alabama","1","C:\B0001.html"
    I cannot get webmerge to include the Inc2 file. Have tried every path etc.


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    May 15th, 2007
    Never mind... I found the problem was not calling the proper dataset. Everything works fine and my order is on the way. Web-Merge is a super tool. It really helps to have a know of database and relational database programming when using the tool.

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    Glad to hear WebMerge is working out well for you. Please feel free to post any other questions that might come up as you set up your site.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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