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    I've had a bunch of ideas about forums I could create that I've never acted on because I don't think I'm cut out to run a forum. I'm not a people person and a forum would just drag me down in terms of time and effort.

    So here are a few ideas that anyone who's interested can grab and run with if they think they might be profitable.

    - Volunteer forum: for non-profits with volunteer programs and people who do volunteer work.

    - Clothing, makeup, etc forum for female baby boomers. You gotta rethink your clothing and makeup when you hit your fifties.

    - Whatzit forum: Where people can post photos and request feedback on unidentified objects like plants, old tools and kitchen gadgets.

    I hope someone finds this useful. I would probably join these forums myself but there's no way I want to run them.

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    "there's no way I want to run them."

    I feel that way right now, lol. My 99% female forum, going along smoothly for years. 2 have an issue with each other. Decide to get others involved, boom.

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