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    Linkshare Requiring Exclusivity from Advertisers?
    Lavalife is listed as a Premium Merchant on Linkshare and they are also a new advertiser on CJ. Is Linkshare no longer requiring exclusivity from their Advertisers?

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    exclusive affiliate programs
    sometimes they may look the other way for big merchants. i've seen this before. but the contract says its exclusive.
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    Lighting by Gregory is also on SaS

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    I've seen bus dev deals with lead gen on one network but the CPA stays exclusive on LS. Then again, Home Depot signed with LS and waited out the contract until the day after it expired opened on CJ so I guess it's all in the actual contract and whom is interpreting

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    03:27:11 PM EDT LS announces it's new merchant - /

    What a coinky dink no?
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    Back when I was negotiating with LS as part of Onlineshoes, I mentioned several merchants who where on other networks as well as LS. They responded that in each case, that the merchant had hired a traditional advertising agency who had created the other accounts. Kind of a "brought to you by" situation rather than a direct merchant to network deal.
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