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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Daryl and I am a linkshare affiliate, I am trying to get in touch with all super affiliates that can offer advise about linking methods. I have noticed some affiliates over the last 5 years that have websites that are doing very well and use diferent linking methods than the generated links provided through the link share interface. Any advice, direction and help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Here is a thread that you might want to look at eventhought it is very old.

    There is no magic bullet as to what is the best method. I think some of the essential elements of a successful online marketer is understand the consumer and providing them what they are looking for.

    If you are a coupon site, have coupons that are of value to a certain merchant. Exclusive coupons would work even better.

    If you run a review site, do good reviews.

    I would focus on building some back links too.
    Check out the link above about link masking.

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