I utilize the browser history much more than favorites. It's really handy since you can type a few characters in the location bar and it'll pull up matching URLs. What's annoying for me is when I make a typo because often I'll have a bad history item that comes before the one I want. IE doesn't give you any way to selectively delete history items. I don't want to delete everything.

I've searched a few times for tools, but everything I found would delete everything. Not what I wanted. Today, I stumbled across this gem:

http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/iehv.html (IE History View)

It's a very small standalone utility that pulls up a list of your history, lets you search for matches, delete items, export, etc. I was able to delete the typos and leave everything else. Very handy!

I thought I would share since I'm sure others use IE's history in similar ways and have probably run across similar problems.

UPDATE: I just realized that this is the same company that wrote IE PassView, which is really handy for moving your saved passwords to another computer. It looks like they have about 100 other programs, many password and network related. Definitely worth a bookmark.