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    Ebook Profitability
    I don't know who or how many affiliates here market ebooks for resale, but I figure someone will have a clue how to answer the questions I have.
    I see ebooks with resale rights on ebay and elsewhere, and there are a lot of sites with packages for sale, obviously it is profitable but how would you determine just what your cost is for bandwidth and etc to provide ebooks for download? How do you set a fair price that covers your cost and makes you a profit? How do you handle regulating the download pages so that your ebook links aren't just posted to message boards or such and then downloaded by multiple people?
    Hope I have presented intelligent, and clear questions...looking forward to some input from all you great people!

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    I sell a few ebooks.

    The costs of creating an ebook are extremely nominal and in most cases does not warrant the high prices many marketers ask for their product. Bandwidth costs these days are nominal and does not really play a part in cost factoring ... but advertising/promotion costs can play a significant part in the cost equation depending on how your handling promotion aspects.

    To protect your download file you can use an IPN script to protect your download page links from unauthorized access from non-paying visitors ... or you can setup a script to automatically deliver the download link to their email box and after the ebook has been downloaded the link automatically expires and is removed from the server.

    If your providing "resale rights" to the buyer ... what incentive would they have to make the initial purchase to just give the file away afterwards anyway?

    If your worried about someone simply posting your download link on a message board ... what would stop them from simply uploading the file to a free host server and then providing a download link? I could see this concern in the scenerio where the visitor makes the purchase, downloads the file and immediately request a refund, or they just call their credit card agent and tell them the transaction was a fraudulent purchase which does happen frequently unfortunately ... it's part of doing business online and not a lot you can do about it because you have provided "resale rights" to the product and it would be extremely hard for you to prove they didn't purchase this ebook somewhere else.
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    Usually the ebooks that come with resale rights only serve one purpose: to propagate the affiliate links that the original author put into the ebook.

    I have a couple of those floating around as well, they are basically compilations of original content I already have on my sites. I give them away free on my website(s) but also hawk them for 99 cents at ebay, with full resale rights. The books are pdf files that cannot be altered or modified.

    If someone (re-)sells them they make whatever they sell the books for, and I get my affiliate links distributed. The links are tagged, so I know I make decent money from them.

    As Ray pointed out, to make an ebook is very affordable and easy to do - you can even get a freelancer to do it for you. Instead of selling other peoples links why no do your own book? Then you don't have to worry about others stealing your resale ebooks, in fact you WANT to get it to as many people as possible. Instead of making 99 ct a book with all the hassle you can get truly passive income from a free give-away.

    Food for thought...

    Cheers, Frank
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    All good comments, I will definitely consider them when deciding on the ebook issue. Currently I am kicking around the idea of pdf formatted tutorials for a craft related website I have. That is really more the things I would want to protect from unauthorized downloading as the tutorial itself is the product, not trying to push off an affiliate link per se.
    Lots to mull over!

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    If you'd like to distribute your ebook for free you can try They're basically a Youtube for documents and are getting a lot of press lately. There is a little controversy over it because people are apparently uploading copyrighted documents. I guess if you're the Youtube of anything you've got that problem.

    - Scott
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