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    anyone know good Independent Affiliate for furniture ?


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    Affiliate? or Merchant?

    If you mean merchant ... try:

    Craig is a good guy ... no "parasites" allowed!

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    Craig may be a good guy but his affiliate program stinks in my opinion. I happened upon these guys the other nite.

    No cookie, low commish and just for the fun of it, add something to your basket and go through the check out process.

    The do have a nice store and interesting products. I'd love to promote but it looked to me like I didn't stand a chance at getting credit for a sale.

    Unfortunately, I signed up and then did the checkout process (I had a customer looking for something and they had it is how I stumbled onto them).

    I got a letter from Craig after I signed up stating that most affiliates never put up their banners and to do it now. I responded with a note outlining my issues and I haven't heard a thing back.

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