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    A got an unexpected letter from Nebs yesterday. If you don't know, Nebs is a well known company that sells business supplies. They are most known for providing imprinted materials such as business checks and forms requiring imprinting. Although they sell lots of different business stuff. Anyway, I order my business checks from them.

    The letter expressed their concern over damage suffered to my community related to recent bad weather. I imagine they are talking about all the recent tornadoes that devastated many communities in several states. They were making sure their customers knew about their Disaster Assistance Plan. They are offerring to replace any lost products they supply for free! They also extend the offer for up to 6 months since businesses impacted may not have their office supplies on their mind initially. Also for customers who have an account balance with them currently, they are extending credit terms since cash flow for some may be a problem.

    You hear so much about people coming into areas that are hit by natural disasters and price gouging. We also get so used to hearing about corporations who are operating under questionable practices and just out to make a quick buck. It was nice to receive such a letter and offer from a company. A nice reminder that not everyone is just out to make a buck no matter what.

    Sure, their customers will get a nice feeling when they receive the letter and it's good PR for their company. But still some people who were effected will take them up on the offer and it will help those businesses in some way. Just restores a bit of faith for me in people in general. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Oh, and if you are asking yourself if they have an affiliate program, they do have a link to "partners" on their site. Not much info there except and email contact and phone number if you want more info. LOL.

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    Spontaneous acts of kindness are always special.

    The example I experienced wasn't quite as significant as the above, but I received a "Happy Holidays" card and an unexpected bonus from a USA merchant a couple of weeks ago.

    As we don't have Thanksgiving here, it's unusual to get what we would call a Xmas card before mid December - so it's getting some very funny looks perched on top of my monitor.

    The bonus wasn't massive - it was the thought that counted. In fact, while typing this - I've decided tomorrow to pass it on.

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