Over the past two weeks we have had "A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing" added to quite a few online book-selling shops. Some dumped the price considerably lower than our list price of $29.99.

Here's what the situation currently looks like:

> -- $19.79

> -- CDN$ 21.00 (c. $19.06)

> -- 21.09 (c. $ 41.69)

> -- $29.99

> Barnes & Noble -- $21.60

All of this competition has called for us to make a step towards making our own website and our own affiliate program to be more competitive and hence, more attractive to the end buyer.

We have just lowered the price of the book on our website to 18.95 and you can now rest assured that you are promoting the most competitive deal there is.

If you're not aboard our affiliate program, we would be happy to have you join us. We are still paying 25% on all sales and shipping charges, which is simply unbeatable, as it should be.

Thank you,