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    Help with MASS search and replace please
    Oky doky.

    At the moment I have a large table on each page of my website. And I need to replace it with a larger table with updated links.

    So i thought I could simply copy and paste and replace the the new code and it would be done. However it is not that simple.

    Im using frontpage 2003 for it and it is not working, because the code is so big it will not fit in the search and replace fields, So im kind of stuck. I also have dreamweaver and once again, their field is too small.

    Im talking about a lot of charachters in the new code.

    So is there a program where I can replace this new code into all my pages at once? As I really dont want to have to do all the pages indivudually.

    Thanks in advance if you can help me. Because I really am stuck here.


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    This works very well "Replace Em"
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