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    Worst Practices: Merchants Who Encourage Forum & email Spamming
    I just received this email from a merchant: > "We would like to thank you for all your efforts in selling our products and would like to encourage you to keep on selling more and more! We have some affiliates making over 3K a month! Some very effective forms of marketing are e-mail campaings [sic] and craigslist/forum postings. If you have any questions or need any help, please call us at [number]." <

    If the merchant had not mentioned Craigslist, I would ordinarily have tried to interpret the message in the "most favorable light," meaning that I would have assumed that the merchant was encouraging affiliates to post affiliate links only in forums that permitted it, and to use email marketing only to opt-in lists.

    Unfortunately, the merchant did mention Craigslist, and I know that Craigslist (like most online forums) has express rules prohibiting the use of affiliate links in posts. This precludes any "ethical" interpretation of the merchant's message -- this is a scumbag merchant who encourages affiliates to spam.

    Accordingly, I replied to the merchant, informing them that I will not promote their products (fortunately, I had not posted any links to this merchant on any of my sites or PPC test campaigns), and I have reported this violation to ShareASale for follow-up.

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    you should report it to CL, as well. I'm sure they'll love the paper trail.
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    Which merchant is encouraging such practices that are not only wrong, but could get you banned from a lot of places?

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    Isn't that against the rules of SAS??

    encouraging affiliates to promote or market products in the wrong way or against T&C
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    What merchant?

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